Technifor Fiber Laser Series


  • CAD: $44,610.70 - $56,277.59


Lens *

Choose the Marking Window Size you would Like for your laser

Optional – Field-bus Communication

Laser Comes Standard with : Ethernet TCP/IP; Profinet; Ethernet IP; dedicated I/O (SUB D37); 8I / 8O; RS232;

3D Module

Permits Marking on Different Levels. Variance is defined by the Lens chosen.
F160 +/- 30mm
F254 +/- 60mm

Autofocus 3D

Allows the Above 3D Module to Automatically sense distance. this module is necessary if you have a continual difference in heights from the Laser Head.

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Lets make it simple. If you’ve never laser marked using Fiber lasers before there’s a few things you need to be aware of.

the Very first thing I recommend you do is this: Close this website, Pickup the phone and call our Traceability Group. they’ll be able to talk you through everything you need to know about what you want to do.

if you’re looking for why Fiber Lasers are right for you here they are.

  • Fiber Lasers have the Longest Source Life (80-100k hrs) so the laser will last you longer then any other laser technology right now
  • Fibre Lasers are Great for Marking Metals and coated materials

thats it. its that simple.

if you want to know why Technifor’s Laser Marker is right for you compared to anyone else. read below.

  • we have the coolest technology
  • all the major car companies use Technifor. (if they trust us then you should too)
  • if you ever have a problem with it we can tell you right away what that problem is with our On board diagnostics
  • we don’t need to be setup for heights because we have 3D autofocusing which means you throw the part under the laser and the laser does the rest of the work.
  • this laser can take a beating! coated in coolant, oil and metal debris and it will keep running.
  • this laser was built to last.
  • Local service available for this laser in all the common languages in all major countries. you’ll never be left without help.

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20 Watt, 30 Watt, 50 Watt


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